Retail’s disastrous use of social media

Arguably the most important customers to retailers are those whose spending power will increase over time and who therefore represent the future revenue streams of merchants.

Social Response Breakdown


These are the younger generation and it is they who are, not surprisingly most courted by retailers, advertisers, and brand owners. Everybody wants their custom.

What connects these people is their use of social media. It is therefore sensible for merchants to adopt a progressive policy on social media. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the natural platforms of communication for these digital natives and retailers should at the very least be making themselves accessible to these consumers on social media channels.

But are they? Well, according to research from Oracle (Oracle Retail Report 2015 – Delivering Retail), they are making a pretty poor job of it. Of the retailers tested Oracle found it could send enquiries by social media to 87% of them. So 13% have no presence – not good.

At least 87% do, so that must be good – yes?. Well, it would be if these retailers used it properly. The research found 42% of retailers did not respond to an enquiry, and 15% took more than one day (a lifetime in today’s digital world).

This is simply unacceptable. Many retailers have been put off social media by the difficulty of calculating an ROI on its use. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if retailers fail to respond to enquiries on these channels then they are losing customers.

Days Taken to Reply 2


It seems retailers are also faring pathetically badly with email enquiries. Oracle found 24% did not reply at all. And only 43% could manage to respond on the same day. This should surely be increased dramatically.

These two simple research findings suggest that retailers have a lot to learn about communicating with their customers despite the fact they maintain they are typically at the heart of their thinking. I know what Jim from the Royle Family would make of all this: ‘Customer-centric – my a**e’.


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Beer Insider joins Retail Insider stable

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Delivering the Holy Grail in the land of hype?

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Movers & Shakers Q&A – David Walmsley, director at M&

David Walmsley, director, M& 1. What is the greatest opportunity for your business? How we join together the physical and digital experiences of M&S for our customers. 2. What is the biggest challenge to your business? For the digital channels, the challenge remains being obsessive about listening to our customers and then turning the insight […]

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Fortnum & Mason and Iceland slip down table of top performing UK drinks sites in April

They might operate at different ends of the pricing spectrum but both F&M and Iceland suffered declines in their website’s performances in the table of the Top UK drinks sites in March, according to analysis undertaken exclusively for Retail Insider by online specialist Sitemorse. F&M slipped eight places to 19th spot with a score of […]

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Viewpoint – Keep changing the proposition to stay relevant

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Stores no longer a millstone, they’re the future

On my travels recently to a conference in The Netherlands the founder and CEO of a major electrical retailer BAS Group suggested merchants without physical stores do not have a future. The inference being that the pure-plays out there need to get themselves a bricks and mortar presence – and quickly. If he is right […]

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Innovative Retailer – Cannibal NYC

The Name: Cannibal NYC The Place: New York City The Story: This is the tale of how you can buy a unit with one purpose in mind only to find it hijacked by the customer who has quite different ideas about what they want you to do with it. Cannibal is a B&B with a […]

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Retail Insider Breakfast – Bertrand Bodson, chief digital officer at Home Retail Group + Gillian Drakeford, country manager for UK & Ireland at IKEA

Retail Insider held its latest Breakfast Event this week with Gillian Drakeford, country manager for UK & Ireland at IKEA, and Bertrand Bodson, chief digital officer at Home Retail Group, who discussed the future of the physical store. Senior executives from John Lewis, The White Stuff, TM Lewin, The Entertainer, Cook and Farfetch were among […]

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Movers & Shakers Q&A – Alison Lancaster, interim marketing director, McArthurGlen Group

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Innovative Retailer – Audi City

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Changing world but consumer demands remain consistent

Retailers might well be adapting at a rapid rate in order to keep up with digital trends but they can at least console themselves with the fact consumers the world over all seem to have the same requirements. The over-arching demand is for convenience. From Australia to China via Russia they all want shopping to […]

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Bargain Booze regains crown as top performing UK drinks site in March

  Bargain Booze reclaims the top spot as the best performing UK drinks website this month while The Wine Society crashes down the ranked table, according to tests conducted on the online stores of the top drinks sellers in March exclusively for Retail Insider by online specialist Sitemorse. The value operator moved up four places […]

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Movers & Shakers Q&A – Matt Stead, multi-channel director, Pets at Home

Matt Stead, multi-channel director, Pets at Home 1. What is the greatest opportunity for your business? Continue to be totally focused on our customers and their needs. 2. What is the biggest challenge to your business? It’s a retail business there are always exciting challenges in every area of the business. In the multi – […]

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Movers & Shakers Q&A – Nadia Shouraboura, founder of Hointer

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