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What can a classy cafe bring to a gritty part of town?

Sat outside in the sun this weekend nursing a cappuccino at the newly-opened Cafe Teria in my part of North London got me thinking about how the opening of a classy cafe/bar/bakery can impact on an area. Cupcakes: Bringing people to a rough area near you.  Needless to say, there are parties who have investigated this in an […]

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Guest Slot – Recruitment Insider-Nigel Sapsed

Changing prices throughout the course of the day is something retailers seem rather scared about undertaking. Their idea of dynamic pricing goes no further than brightly coloured stickers announcing price cuts on products reaching the end of their sell-by-dates. Retailers scared of what’s in the box. But in the leisure and hospitality sector this form […]

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Growth in specialist beer shops

Oddbins has just gone into administration, Thresher Group went the same way last year, and pretty much every other specialist booze seller has had a tough time over recent years. The sun is shining on Kris Wines, its owner and regular customer. But there is one exception – the specialist beer shop. This post on […]

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