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Guest Slot – Recruitment Insider-Nigel Sapsed

Managing relationships with customers is absolutely crucial, which is why leisure operators and retailers are increasingly turning to loyalty programmes to give them greater relevance to their customers. One area of the leisure industry that does not rely on such technology-led initiatives to help drive its business, but provides a great example of skilful managing […]

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Tesco Bank in Disarray

Tesco has great hopes for its Banking division but right now things are going badly, with the company scrapping its Tesco World MasterCard credit card to new applicants. Things are not going so well at the self-styled People’s Bank. This withdrawal of the card comes after the grocer only recently upgraded upwards of one million Tesco Visa cardholders onto the new […]

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Insight from footfall figures as opaque as ever

Fooftall data from Experian showed a year-on-year decline of 4% for the recent double Bank Holiday weekend that was much worse than the 2.1% experienced in April and the preceeding two months. Measuring their actions is easy, explaining them is hard. This heavier drop was apparently explained away by the fact that the weather was very good. To quote […]

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