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Retail industry thinking catching up with Unpackaged

Operating a retail store where the produce is sold via refillable containers brought in by the customer was ahead of its time even in the hipper parts of East London, which resulted in innovative business Unpackaged having a tough time. Despite the challenges and closure of its only store in 2012 its founder Catherine Conway […]

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Retailers need more intelligent delivery strategies

Home delivery is not exactly the most profitable aspect of any traditional retailers’ business but it does seem that merchants are not exactly helping themselves when it comes to managing this profit-draining service. The biggest issue is the continued stance of virtually all retailers to treat every customer exactly the same. They are clearly not […]

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Russia closes door on UK online retailers

Russia has been seen as a big opportunity for UK retailers but the door looks to be closing on this market for e-commerce companies as new restrictions on delivery windows into the country are set to come into effect on January 29. Retailers have enjoyed an unlimited number of clearances each day for goods entering […]

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Clothing returns continue to mount

It’s a problem that is not going away. Returns are causing an ongoing headache for retailers – especially those operators plying their trade at the fashion end of things and without a stores presence. Right at the epicentre of this is Asos. Its position in the market implies that it will be a victim of […]

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