Retail Insider editor among most influential Twitter accounts in UK retail

Retail Insider is delighted to announce that its editor Glynn Davis has been included in a list of the most influential retail-focused Twitter accounts in the UK being placed at number 25 out of 100 – a rise of five places from his 30th spot last year.

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Only three journalists appeared in the top 25 – and of these only Glynn Davis is unconnected to a mainstream media title as he focuses almost entirely on the Retail Insider website. He feels that this independence is an integral part of the influence of his Twitter account.

Retail Gazette who commissioned the research from social listening company Lissted also noted that this year’s results possibly revealed a new trend where journalists and media outlets seem to have gained in Twitter prominence over the last 18 months concluding that “perhaps, in this era of ‘fake news’, more Twitter users are seeking reassurance from trusted names in journalism”.

Retail Insider’s founder Glynn Davis who was included via his own Twitter feed (@GlynnDavis) said that he was: “Proud and delighted to be moving up the ranks of the most influential retail commentators in the country. They’ve finally got the algorithm working correctly!”

He added: “I am placed above Twitter accounts from media outlets and retail brands with far more followers than I have, which is particularly pleasing as it confirms what I already; knew that my 5,000 followers include senior members of the retail community and influential commentators with real clout in the industry.”

Adding weight to this theory, Lissted revealed that its survey is compiled via a “peer-based approach, rating an account’s potential influence on the extent to which it is followed, mentioned or retweeted by peers from within the community, not metrics based on total Twitter followers, or reaction in general”.

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