Maybe you’ll see the Future at FUTR Europe 2021

…it’s actually next week.

Retail has changed so dramatically over recent years and Covid-19 has brought forward so many of the trends that were beginning to take root. It’s not just about digital and the move of more sales online. The changes are so much broader that it’s tough to even define what retail is any more.

It’s fair to say it is an amalgamation of a growing number of elements and it is influenced by various sectors. This is brought home by the broad range of speakers gathered together for the forthcoming FUTR Europe 2021 that runs May 20-21.

There are an array of speakers from the likes of Auto Trader, Pizza Hut, Moneysupermarket, Hammerson, Beauty Pie, Hello Fresh and StockX. A few years ago none of these would have been deemed to be retailers but we could argue that they all are today – in some form or other. At the very least they are influencing the retail industry.

With such speakers the event is hoping to appeal to those people who want to stay at the cutting-edge of insights, technologies and solutions across retail and marketing. “A watering hole for the future-focused leaders who want to see what’s next, understand how to bridge the gap between now and next, while carrying forward authentic values with no baggage,” is the stated plan.

Registration is free for brands and retailers For more information, visit

Glynn Davis, editor, Retail Insider