Transforming Retail Award winners: – Most Intelligent Use of Data

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We asked all our winners in this year’s Transforming Retail Awards to tell us how they felt about winning their category. So here is our Q & A with David Hawkings, SVP EMEA at on its plans for the future.

How do you feel about winning this Award?

Retail Insider is a leading media channel and a valuable source of industry news and views for European retailers and brands – many of whom we already help to make sense of their data with our artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions.  So, we are delighted that the judges of the awards have chosen us as the winner.  It’s a real validation of how our technology can support retailers and CPG companies in rethinking how AI and Machine Learning (ML) can solve real business problems and deliver significant results.

Why do you think your entry stood out?

Our solutions are all about allowing retailers and brands to better understand consumer demand to help them more accurately forecast consumer demand to make better and faster decisions.  With all the turbulence and unpredictability of the last 18 months from the pandemic, I think we stood out as a tangible way to empower retailers to use data to help them adapt and be more agile so they can better respond to market opportunities. 

We also differentiate ourselves from other generalist AI providers because the solution is leveraged in unique ways to solve real business problems.  Rather than force fitting data through pre-defined models, our platform blends industry-proven AI and ML models to deliver maximum predictability from the available data – both external and internal – at any level of time, product and market hierarchy.

I also think the breadth of’s solutions also make us standout as we help support the business across the entire retail spectrum – from increased efficiencies in the supply chain, to enhanced ranging and promotion optimisation that improves sell through rates and customer experience.

What plans do you have for your company in the coming year?

We were recently acquired by Zebra Technologies, where we will help bring the power of our AI to its store and supply chain execution portfolio.  By combining our forecasting and planning with Zebra’s execution, we will help retailers and brands better meet the demands of today’s consumer while optimising margins and driving revenue growth.

Awards sponsored by Talkdesk