Christmas Trends: Hotel Chocolat

At Hotel Chocolat’s recent festive preview the staff transformed its Covent Garden store into Christmas-land before staying behind very, very late to return it to Halloween-land for the next morning. Here’s our pick of the range.


The Advent Calendar For Two Why should only one half of the partnership have all the fun with advent calendars? That is the burning question which has finally been answered by Hotel Chocolat with its two-person advent featuring two little truffles behind each door. Should lead to a lot more festive joy and a lot less heated arguments over whose turn it is to open, first thing in the morning.

Billionaire vs Trillionaire. Talking of burning questions – Hotel Chocolat has decided to end this long-running debate with a Great British compromise. The Trillionaire Shortbread (with a layer of caramel) was originally designed to replace the Billionaire Shortbread (without layer of caramel) but the public spoke and Hotel Chocolat listened. So they are both staying.

Christmas Wreaths. Off to a large rented house in the country for Christmas? Can’t be bothered to buy all the guests a present for a tenner each and then wrap/carry them. Then the Grand Chocolate Wreath Box is the all-purpose gift for you. Bringing back a bygone age of proper indulgence, it’s not cheap – £75 – but crikey, look how many chocolates are in it.


Advent alternatives As any hard-pressed festive host will tell you, what one needs at Yuletide is an alternative to mince pies, Christmas pud and Yule Log for all those guests who say they don’t like/can’t eat mince pies, Christmas pud and Yule Log. And hallelujah it is now available!

Hampers The problem with hampers mainly is that there is always some parts of it you don’t like. The cake is fine but the weird chutney goes straight to the back of the cupboard. Well, with a hamper from Hotel Chocolat that is not going to happen folks because – hold the front page, it’s almost all chocolate. Loads of different ones to choose between, from the All I Want For Christmas hamper which should ensure a return invitation next year to the whopping Christmas Chocolatier’s Table. This probably means you will never be allowed to leave.