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Retail Insider Testimonials

Jim McCarthy, CEO of Poundland

“I like to keep up with what is happening elsewhere in retail. Retail moves almost as fast as the consumer and so it’s really key to hear from an informed source what trends are emerging and what changes are being made by both. Glynn is a very experienced and well networked individual who understands retail better than most journalists. Retail insider is a must read for me.”


Alan Giles, chairman of Fat Face and former CEO of HMV Group

“In his entertaining, knowledgeable and sometimes irreverent blog,, Glynn Davis uses his years of experience as a shrewd observer of the retail sector to provide great insights on some of the key industry trends and issues. It should be required reading for all current and aspiring retail sector leaders, and for others who need a keen understanding of what’s happening in UK retailing.”


Nick Bubb, Independent City retail analyst

“I enjoy because it gives an intelligent, insightful and often witty view of topical retail issues.”


Martin Rayner, co-owner of Lakeland

“I find your blog very interesting. Thanks for the insight. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the articles.”


Mark Crowther, chief executive, Liberation Group

“The regular Retail Insider updates are always welcome, providing useful thought provoking insight into the retail marketplace.”


Laura Board, editor of The Deal

“I really enjoy Retail Insider. It’s excellent and pretty unique as far as I can tell, so well done for actually managing to create and fill a niche in the sea of business info out there.”


Allyson Stephen, Enterprise Ireland

“I always look forward to reading the next instalment from The Retail Insider. What sets it apart from other sources is that content and insight comes directly from retailers. There is lot out there from journalists and analysts, but to hear what actual retailers are thinking and to learn from their experiences is both interesting and enjoyable.”


Retail Insider Breakfast Event Testimonials 

Joshua March, CEO, Conversocial

“The Retail Insider breakfast brought together a high quality mix of experts from across the industry in an intimate setting, providing a valuable sharing of ideas hard to find anywhere else.”


Marisa Leaf, founder, Hubbub

“Retail Insider’s breakfast events are amongst the best of their type that I’ve attended; illuminating, inspiring and intimate in equal measure.”