Forthcoming Zoom Cocktail Hours – speaker programme for March and April

Retail Insider is pleased to announce its next two Zoom Cocktail Hour events with an interesting mix of special guests from very different parts of the retail universe. Each guest speaker will tell their own interesting story that will undoubtedly throw some fresh insights and perspectives on the broad retail industry. As well as covering the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses they will outline their future plans.

One of the unique aspects of these Cocktail Hours is their interactive nature and so there will be plenty of time for attendees to contribute their own thoughts and experiences and to also take part in the Q&A which is chaired and hosted by Retail Insider editor Glynn Davis.

Retail Insider would very much like to thank novomind for its ongoing partnership of these events.

The programme schedule:

Speaker: Kresse Wesling MBE, co-founder, Elvis & Kresse

Date: Tues March 23

Time: 5pm to approx 6:15pm

Kresse is a genuinely pioneering environmental entrepreneur who co-founded luxury fashion brand Elvis & Kresse by taking industrial waste and turning it into coveted artisan products. Beginning with decommissioned London Fire Brigade hoses the company has expanded to also
use off-cuts of leather and other unwanted products from a dozen waste streams to produce its growing range of products that sit perfectly within the luxury category.

As well as bringing back to life these discarded materials Elvis & Kresse also returns 50% of its profits to charities related to the waste. Attendees of the Cocktail Hour will hear how Kresse does not measure success by the typical metrics of sales and profits but instead by how much waste is saved from landfill and the amount delivered to charitable causes.

Whatever the metrics, demand is high for the predominantly DTC (direct-to-consumer) Elvis & Kresse brand that has been built up in an organic and sustainable manner. Its clever ethical and sustainable model has not gone unnoticed and it is now involved in various collaborations
across industries, including a five-year partnership with the Burberry Foundation. Through the telling of her interesting story Kresse will give plenty of thought-provoking ideas along with more than a shot of inspiration for any business looking to work more sustainably.

Speaker: Frazer Locke, senior Advertising executive, Amazon

Date: Tues April 20

Time: 5pm to approx 6.15pm

Everybody knows about the retail and cloud services divisions of Amazon but much less is known about its rapidly expanding advertising operation. Lifting the lid on this interesting aspect of the Amazon organisation is senior executive Frazer.

He heads up part of Amazon’s advertising operations across Europe, which puts him in a great position to give attendees of this Zoom event an overview of the company’s exciting advertising business that is becoming an important part of the organisation.

Frazer will give an overview of the operation and how it fits into the wide Amazon business. He will be able to highlight how the division can work with retailers and brands to expose their products to Amazon’s massive audience across a number of channels encompassing the company’s wider proposition.

This will be an opportunity to learn lots about Amazon advertising from an extremely experienced retailer who prior to spending the past seven years at the US-based firm has worked in senior roles at Asda, Game Group, as well as Toys R Us, Screwfix and Comet. 


Zoom Access: email to confirm you would like to attend the event.

Links will be sent to attendees around a week in advance of the event.

Glynn Davis, editor, Retail Insider