Sam Smiths Boots out Branded Snacks

Esoteric brewer and pub owner Sam Smiths has finally removed the last branded products from its boozers with all its bagged snacks now entirely own-label.

This might not sound like earth shattering news but it makes Sam Smiths a rarity in the market as I doubt many other pub operators or retailers would have the (cheese) balls to strip out all branded products from their outlets.

Anybody fancy an unbranded Sam Smiths snack?

For most operators these are the crutches they rely on. But not Sam Smiths. The Yorkshire brewer is well known for ploughing its own furrow and this latest move has seen all its branded crisps, nuts and those cheese snack things replaced by a range of unbranded products.

In keeping with its unflashy style it hasn’t spent oodles on thinking up a brand name. As you can see from the photo above, it’s crisps are called ‘Potato Crisps’ and its cheese snack things are snappily called ‘Cheese Flavoured Snack Biscuits’.

Whatever you think of the names, having given the products a try in Sam Smiths’ Champion pub in central London, they taste pretty good.