The 12 Rip-offs of Christmas – No.1

It’s that time of the year again. When the thoughts of many businesses turn to how they can serve up the same basic offering with a nominal twist, hike up the price, and sell it on as a ‘festive period’ offer. 
Prices rise higher than the scones.

So it is at The Dorchester hotel, famed as all grand London hotels are, for its afternoon tea.

This great tradition normally costs £38.50 per person with a 12.5% service charge. However from November 21 until December 30 it is not possible to book the normal afternoon tea.

You have no choice but to go with the festive version. This includes a compulsory glass of Champagne and retails at a rather more sizeable £50 plus 12.5% service charge – that is assured has to be paid.

And make no mistake about it – there is little flexibility with this festive tea. It is not possible for any exceptions to be made in the party – every person sitting at the table must have their own individual tea.

Elderly people with smaller appetites beware! Children over 5-years-old also have to fork out £25 for their portion. So a party of 4 adults sitting down to a plate of sandwiches and cake are going to pay in excess of £225 for the privilege. Anyone’s guess how festive they will feel after that.


If you have an example of a similarly outlandish Scrooge-like activity then please let know at and we’ll share that bit of festive spirit.