Beer Tasting Notes from Retail Insider Cellar

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In a new regular column Retail Insider scours the globe to find the perfect beer for retail’s top executives.

Brewer: Moorhouse’s, Burnley, NW England

Strength: Easygoing low alcoholic 3.4%.

Style: Dark Mild. But for a low strength beer it packs plenty of punch in flavour terms.

Label: What you see is what you get. Traditional in style. It called Black Cat and the label pictures a black cat.

First impressions: Plenty of upfront promise but some would question its substance over a long session.

Conditioning: When released from the pressured confines of a bottle it pours well and holds its body well.

After-taste: Does not appeal to everyone as can be a little thin but it’s high quality brew of its style.

Unique characteristics: Old English style separates opinion and does not travel well overseas. Best imbibed in the UK.

Perfect vessel: Chunky pint glass. None of your southern stem glasses and chalices for this beer.

Ideal accompaniment: Can clash with many foods. Needs strong and robust partners.

Cost: Not expensive compared with younger upstart brews. Plenty of younger models on the market but for the pedigree of this ale it remains a bargain.


 Perfect match for: Philip Clarke, CEO, Tesco