Alan Giles – thoughts on Brown Sauce…


While channel hopping between Glastonbury, Brazil v Chile, and Wimbledon – a true ‘quality of life’ evening – I enjoyed a bottle of Brown Sauce (here’s the background on the brew). Here’s my thoughts:

I have avoided drinking beer with ‘brown’ in the name since a degree-threatening night consuming numerous pints of Newcastle Brown at university. It was therefore with some trepidation that I poured my glass of Brown Sauce.

My expectations of cloying, over-sweet treacle could not have been more wrong. Dark but crystal clear in the glass, it’s a light, refreshing but complex drink, to be savoured slowly and with satisfaction.


Wrong bottle…

I noticed new flavours with each mouthful – hints of chocolate and cherry alternated with coffee and citrus. Brown Sauce is a unique taste which will live long in the memory, but in a wholly positive way compared to my previous encounter with brown ale.

Congratulations to Glynn Davis and Brains Craft Brewery for a stunning achievement. More collaborations soon please!

Alan Giles is a beer drinker as well as a non-executive director and lecturer at Said Business School