Beer Tasting Notes from the Retail Insider Cellar

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Retail Insider scours the globe to find the perfect beers for retail’s top executives.

Brewer: Beavertown Brewery, London

Beer: Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange IPA

Strength: 7.2%, pretty chunky.

Label: Pretty scary on first sight.

First impressions: Full-on, packs a punch. Not easily forgotten.

Conditioning: Smart head that holds its own against any of the competition. Best served fresh – Green almost.

After-taste: Can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it has its strong advocates. Very rich.

Unique characteristics: Pungent, but mellows a little with age and once you get acclimatised to its character. Its Arcadia to some craft beer lovers.

Stockists: Such is its rarity you won’t find this down M&S. Only the most fashion-conscious shops stock it.

Cost: Pretty pricey (mainly because of the tax).

imgresPerfect match for: Sir Philip Green, CEO, Arcadia Group