Beer Tasting Notes from the Retail Insider Cellar

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Retail Insider scours the globe to find the perfect beer for retail’s top executives.

Brewer: Fuller’s Past Masters XX

Strength: Rich and powerful 7.5%.

Conditioning: Has always turned out well when looked after.

First impressions: Pleasant aroma with slight spiciness. The strength is evident but it’s well balanced with only modest bitterness.

After-taste: Generally leaves a myriad of rich tones and colour on the palate.

Label: Classy packaging, mixing a respected pedigree with contemporary twists.

Unique characteristics: Has aged extremely well since it came onto the scene some years ago and has matured into a high quality vintage. Undoubtedly it has many years of life left yet in order to mature further.

Style: It’s a classic British mellow drop with suave undertones of steeliness – but not metallic.

Ideal vessel: Nothing as common as a dimple beer glass. A sophisticated chalice is required at the very least to let the character fully develop.

Ideal accompaniment: There is a bit of fruitiness in the mix (with sultanas present) so a Marks & Spencer bread & butter pudding should do the trick.

Cost: Definitely a premium product. Has sat on many board-room tables so commands a decent price for its maturity. Not surprisingly, it’s increasingly tough to get your hands on it – so don’t expect to pick any up at Ocado or Booker.

imagesPerfect match for: Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of Ocado and Dressipi, and former CEO of M&S.