Beer Tasting Notes from the Retail Insider Cellar

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Retail Insider scours the globe to find the perfect beer for retail’s top executives.

Brewer: Windsor & Eton Brewery

Beer:  Conqueror 1075 Black IPA

Strength: Very full bodied 7.4%. Don’t get on the wrong side of it.

Conditioning: Has a soft carbonation but despite appearances this is not flabby in any way.

First impressions: Looks like a regular brew but first impressions can be very deceptive as it has lots of guile hidden away and complexity lurking.

After-taste: Packs an unexpected punch. This is a big, bold and ballsy proposition. Negotiate with care, it’s not Newcastle Brown Ale.

Label: Modest, nothing flashy. It doesn’t need to be. It’s all about what’s in the vessel.

Unique characteristics: When you think you’ve got the measure of it, it throws another bit of character at you – and doesn’t let go.

Style: Unconventional to say the least. How can it be black when it’s a pale ale – it’s a conundrum.

Ideal accompaniment: A hunk of British beef with rich gravy. None of that soft southern jus.

Cost: Compares comparatively well with a pair of running shoes at Sports Direct. Rightly so, this is a top notch product.

imagesPerfect match for: Mike Ashley, founder of Sports Direct and owner of Newcastle United, who will be sent a bottle forthwith if he wants one.