Movers & Shakers Q&A with Chris Griffin, founder of Anatwine


Movers and Shakers 2014 Front Cover

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Chris Griffin, founder of Anatwine

1.What is the greatest opportunity for your business?

To perfect the methodology of stock management and merchandising in order to drive increased revenues, profits and customer satisfaction, without increasing stock liabilities.


2.What is the biggest challenge to your business?

Managing the different ways different organisations categorise their data. A small technical problem but a huge mapping exercise.

3.With the benefit of hindsight what would you have done differently so far?

I’m always learning from the past but I can’t say at this stage that I’d have done anything differently.

4.What is the future of the physical store?

We live in an Omni-channel world and the future of the store is intrinsically linked to the web and vice versa. I firmly believe that this link will strengthen and provide consumers with an even greater level of service and experience with stores providing a real world experience of a brands products and image.

5.What will the high street look like in a decade?

A gateway to collect, interact, sample and purchase all products, with the retailers stock and inventory management systems supporting and optimising all movements reducing returns rates and increasing customer satisfaction. The global carrier network will have matured to such an extent that item movements between distribution centres and stores and/or consumers will enable a free flow of product any time anywhere in a cost effective manner.

6.Will mobile devices be the primary sales channel in the future?

Yes, the fact that you can do everything you need to do on a single device will win out.

7.What other retail business do you admire?

I admire any organisation that is efficient and pro-active. One that embraces change and drives their business to optimise for market conditions and consumer demands. There are so many great things happening in online retail, it’s these types of organisation that will help shape the future for consumers.

8.If you hadn’t been a retailer/service-provider-to-retail what would you have liked to do?

An analyst

9.What marks out of 10 do you give yourself so far for achievement?

Eight. Any successful organisation should be able to look at what can be done better both for themselves and their customers. There’s always more to be done and I always want to try harder and be better.

10.Who would you place in the Top 25 Multi-channel/e-commerce Movers & Shakers?

There’s so many great people out there but the ones I personally always look to are the people who just get things done and do them well.