Beer Insider joins Retail Insider stable


As many friends and readers of Retail Insider will know the editor Glynn Davis also writes about beer and pubs for a number of publications and has on occasion slipped such aspects into Retail Insider.

For those people out there who found those pieces of interest then you might like to know that a sister site Beer Insider has recently been set up to cover the interesting sector of pubs and beer.

Rather like Retail Insider the idea is to provide a platform not only for the editor’s voice but also a variety of other individuals including bar owners, brewers, beer writers, specialist beer retailers and pure-and-simple beer lovers.

It’s all about presenting the views, insights and opinions of people within the interesting area of beer and pubs.

We are taking a look behind the obvious and hope to shine a light on the nooks and crannies of the beer world that you’d maybe not thought about or considered. There will also be words that simply celebrate beer and pubs.

It is also mirroring Retail Insider in combining a chatty style with a business-like tone that it is hoped will deliver a tasty proposition.

We hope this sounds interesting to readers of Retail Insider and that you will subscribe to the site in order to receive the posts in your email in-tray. Don’t worry you will not be receiving a deluge.

To subscribe simply visit the Beer Insider home page and enter your name and email address or make contact via to indicate your interest.

Glynn Davis, editor Retail Insider + Beer Insider