Ultimate ‘Online Mystery Shopper’ service launching September


The table of the top online drinks retailers published each month by Retail Insider is to be re-launched in September as a ranking of the results from an ‘Online Mystery Shopper’ service provided by Sitemorse that will accurately reflect the experiences faced by customers online.

It will be the ultimate authoritative measure of real customer experience, compliance, and search capabilities online. The ranked table of retailers’ sites will reflect how they are being picked up by Google, the compliance standards of the site, and the actual experience customers have when visiting the site.

It will give results that highlight the reality of the customer experience – what is being delivered to them page-by-page – and not what vendors are telling retailers their customers are experiencing. The new criteria being initiated by Sitemorse removes any room for excuses from vendors, and rids the situation of them dispensing confusing techno-babble to retailers that seeks to distract attention away from the reality of the all too common poor experiences customers are suffering.

This thereby allows executives to get a realistic view of the situation online in order that they can deliver on essential KPIs. This then allows for measurable and accountable prioritisation by retailers in order that they can deliver an exemplary service to their customers.

The new ‘Online Mystery Shopper’ table of websites will be only of relevance to retailers that actively want to address the issue of customer service online. If retailers want to find excuses for their websites’ poor performances and operational issues then the re-launched customer experience-focused ranked table will not be relevant.