Digital Retail Innovations Q&A – OfferMoments

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Following the launch of the Digital Retail Innovations 2016 Report (sponsored by Webloyalty) a series of Q&A’s with the leading figures behind some of the key entries in the report are being published.

Here is a Q&A with Abdul Alim, co-founder, OfferMoments, which is placed at number 40 in the report.

1.How did the original idea come about?

The idea came about after watching the movie “Minority Report” during the scene where Tom Cruise walks towards a screen and it changes to recognise him and his previous purchases. We thought this type of dynamic real-time personalisation could revolutionise retail.
2. What has been the level of take-up of the service and what are the key ways retailers are using it?

We had 200 retailers sign up to try it at Manchester Arndale shopping centre. The ability to target consumers based on their age and gender is the most attractive feature of the system followed by being able to target based on their conversations and social following.
3. What about competition in this area?

We’ve not seen anything like it in the marketplace that can do real-time personalisation. However, the digital billboard market is growing fast and there is a lot of completion in that area.
4. How has the solution been developed / advanced over time?

We initially designed it to show up only on the consumers phone but after smaller trials we realised the ability to target on bigger screens was much more exciting.
5. Have there been any surprises along the way?

A lot of setbacks due to the technology and availability to track certain smartphones. We are currently only able to track iOS and Android devices to dynamically change the adverts as the consumer walks towards the screen.
6. What can we expect from the business in the future?

We’re rolling out a mobile-first ad publishing platform that will allow any advertisers to build their campaign and publish directly from their mobile phone in minutes and monitor their ROI for the ads served.
7. Do you have any recommendations for entries in the next Digital Retail Innovations report?

TryLikes is a simple system for monitoring customer satisfaction.


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