Digital Retail Innovations Top 50 report launch event

Retail Insider celebrated the launch of the new edition of the Digital Retail Innovations Top 50 Report with an evening event involving influential guest speakers and a tutored beer tasting.

Vincent McKevitt, founder of Tossed (left), and Nick Dutch, head of digital at Domino’s (centre)

The event and report, both sponsored by Webloyalty, attracted senior executives from a variety of retailers including Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Pret A Manger, and Kurt Geiger who enjoyed a first view of the report, which lists the Top 50 UK retail innovations and the Top 15 from overseas.

At Sourced Market in London’s Marylebone Vincent McKevitt, founder of Tossed, and Nick Dutch, head of digital at Domino’s Pizza, formed a panel that discussed how technology is increasingly impacting their businesses.

Nick Dutch, head of digital at Domino’s

Tossed was the first company in Europe to introduce cashless outlets as it installed kiosks into its restaurants to reduce the time required at the counter by customers ordering its highly-customised dishes. Similarly Domino’s has long been an adopter of digital and gains the majority of its sales from online and via its app.

Both companies have strong views on delivery. Domino’s uses its own delivery infrastructure and Dutch says much experimentation is taking place in the industry as drones and autonomous vehicles are being developed.

Guy Chiswick, managing director of Northern Europe at Webloyalty

In contrast, Tossed does not have its own delivery team and instead relies on third-parties, who McKevitt acknowledges demand a high cost for undertaking deliveries. To ensure his outlets are not clogged up with delivery people collecting orders he has channels created in-store specifically for collection.

The panel was followed by a tutored beer tasting of four US brews that had been specially selected by Andrew Morgan, founder of The Bottle Shop, who hosted the tasting.

Andrew Morgan, founder of The Bottle Shop

Retail Insider would like to thank Vincent, Nick, Andrew, and ORESA for their support of this event. And also to the Sourced Market team.

Finally it is a very big thank-you to Webloyalty for their sponsorship of the Digital Retail Innovations report and the launch event.

To view the Report please click here.