Thoughts from NRF in New York City

Retail Insider recently attended Retail’s Big Show, organised by the National Retail Federation (NRF), in New York City where the world’s technology providers show off their latest wares to senior retail executives.


Record numbers descended on this year’s event to get an insight into the way technology is moving and how it can help retailers deal with the increasingly digital-led environment in which they operate.

Although it was clear that cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robotics are finding their way into the industry the reality is that the traditional aspects of retail remain very firmly intact. We are talking about people and stores.

Many of the technologies and products showcased at NRF this year are delivering solutions that propagate the view of longevity for retail employees and physical stores. They are fueling the more efficient use of employees’ time and the improved use of square footage, which combines to give a better customer experience.

The name of the game is very much the delivery of improved customer service and engagement and NRF very much highlighted that regardless of whether vendors are supplying solutions for the back-end or the front-end the ultimate objective is the better servicing of the customer.

Retail Insider’s findings from NRF will feed into various pieces of content published on the site this year, and also into the various reports that are scheduled to be launched through 2018. We look forward to sharing these thoughts and insights during the course of the year.

Glynn Davis, editor of Retail Insider

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