Retail Insider roadtests the festive sandwich: Part Five

Retail Insider has been waiting patiently all year to eat the overpriced meat feasts in red packaging otherwise known as the ‘festive’ sandwich. But, as all right-thinking people know, Christmas definitely would not be Christmas without the chance to blow your entire day’s calorie count every lunchtime in December and more and more retailers are now getting in on the act. But quality varies. Considerably. So who better to wade through the stuffing, cranberry and pigs in blankets on your behalf than our illustrious and selfless team. No need to thank us.

Sainsbury: Turkey, bacon and cranberry

Whose is this then? J Sainsbury Esq.

First impressions? Don’t like it. Tastes like re-formed turkey and the cranberry sauce is sickly.

Second impressions? Still don’t like it. It’s a chicken and bacon sandwich in a red sparkly packet. Fraud. And there is still no stuffing or greenery. Hell, no!

How is it on the calorie front?  It’s not going to end on the hips. A mere 312 calories.

Can you feel virtuous while eating? Not specially.  No charity component here. But we did feel virtuous actually – just for getting through it.

Value for money? It won’t break the bank at £2, that’s for sure. But no question we’d rather pay more for a better sandwich.

Final score? 5/10