Christmas Hack 2: The half Christmas Tree

Your eyes do not deceive you: it is only half a Christmas Tree


Whose is this then? Dunelm.

What’s the hack? Living area in the average UK home has been reducing steadily since the 1970s. Compact living is the positive way of looking at it. ‘Rabbit hutch’ Britain is the less kindly spin. Either way, it’s a fact that living and storage space is at an all time premium. Added to that people want less stuff generally and tend to move around more.  Dunelm have taken all this on board so enter the genius that is the half Christmas tree.

AdvantagesYes, artificial trees don’t smell as nice but try cutting a real tree in half and see what happens. Actually don’t. Just take our word for it that it won’t go well. Fitting snugly directly onto your wall the half tree gives you all the fun of the fair in terms of lights and decorations but none of the inconvenience of the whole “how much longer is this thing going to be in the middle of the room” scenario that is the norm for most of us. And when it comes to packing it away for the other 11 months of the year that’s a whole lot less storage space required. 

More advantages? Pets and children – those two tree-pulling naughties will have 50% less chance of doing just that. There’s no crawling under and behind this baby. A real six footer tree is a real no-no in any kind of smaller lounge where by Twelfth Night everyone has rubbed it bald everytime they go and sit down on the sofa. Crikey, in shared houses where increasingly there is no lounge at all, this could just go into each bedroom for an instant ‘party for one’ vibe.

Let’s talk money? Retails at £15 – bargain.

Dunelm – take a bow.