Zoom Cocktail Hour with Retail Futurist Howard Saunders

Retail Futurist Howard Saunders, founder of Twenty Second & Fifth

Retail Insider is pleased to announce it is hosting its first Zoom-fuelled Cocktail Hour with special guest Retail Futurist Howard Saunders on Thursday May 21 at 5pm.

Nobody really wants to be where we are right now so we are very pleased to call on the insights and humour (a fine cocktail) of Mr S to take us all somewhere into the future. He will give his predictions on how things will likely play out for the retail sector, consumer behaviour, and mankind in general.

Those joining the cocktail hour special will enjoy some thought-provoking insights from somebody who typically spends his time flying around the world entertaining organisations that are looking for inspiration and a dash of entertainment. With most planes now grounded we’re opportunistically calling on Howard to give us some of his time virtually.

With most planes now grounded we’re opportunistically calling on Howard to give us some of his time virtually

As a Retail Futurist he suggests companies take a fresh look at what they do and what they really stand for. “Business is often too busy to pause and think, you have to force these things. I try to unravel the meanings behind the things we buy: why our aspirations shift and how the future is likely to change the way we behave. I believe shopping is not only the engine of our economy, it’s the foundation of a thriving community. This isn’t some business to business thing, this is life,” he says.

This thinking, combined with the impacts of Covid-19 on humanity and business, will result in an extremely insightful early evening event.

Howard’s colourful thinking is derived from a career working within design and branding that began at one of the pioneering agencies, Fitch, where he worked alongside the legendary Rodney Fitch who he says pretty much invented retail design.

He then went on to set up Echochamber before moving to New York in 2014 where he created his current business Twenty Second & Fifth. He has since returned to London but the US experience reinvigorated his views of city life, which has helped inform the thinking that he will be sharing with guests on May 21.

Cocktails or craft beer can be consumed during the Zoom Cocktail Hour but are not obligatory.

Date: May 21st

Time: 5pm

Special Guest: Howard Saunders, founder, Twenty Second & Fifth

Zoom Access: email Christina@busicomm.co.uk for link and password