Zoom Cocktail Hour with Frazer Locke, senior advertising executive, Amazon

Retail Insider, in partnership with novomind, held its latest ‘Zoom Cocktail Hour’ with Frazer Locke, senior Advertising executive at Amazon, who gave an overview of the company’s exciting advertising business that is becoming an increasingly important part of the organisation.

He shared insights into how the advertising proposition fits into the wider Amazon business, detailing how it works with retailers and brands to reach and engage relevant audiences for their products and services in order to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

This is across an increasing array of channels – including their owned and operated websites, such as Amazon.com and IMDb; devices such as Fire Tablet and Fire TV; their programmatic service, Amazon DSP; and their growing offline portfolio of products and services, such as Treasure Truck – that encompasses the company’s broadening proposition.

Senior executives from the likes of Roadchef, Foxtons, Honest Burger, Running Bear and Laithwaites Wines heard how the Amazon advertising proposition differs from other media owners’ offers and also how it carefully balances advertising activity with delivering the optimum shopping experience for Amazon customers on its product pages.

Retail Insider would very much like to thank Frazer Locke for sharing his experiences and insights and also to novomind for its much valued support of this latest series of Retail Insider Zoom Cocktail Hours.

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Glynn Davis, editor, Retail Insider